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uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count

uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count


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  • Reliably smooth, free-flowing writing the moment the pen hits paper
  • Convenient visible ink supply window so you know how much ink remains
  • Exclusive uni-flow rollerball ink system provides consistent smoothness and color intensity
  • Features uni Super Ink which protects against water, fading and fraud
  • Includes: 4 black rollerball pens, 0.7mm fine point

Specification: uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count





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‎1.6 ounces

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‎0.3 x 0.5 x 5.6 inches

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Photos: uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count

12 reviews for uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count

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  1. April Braswell, MCLC

    MAY 2020:
    Shipping underpar pens in not normal package and boxes. It’s not from Uniball as cited here at website. It’s a different and shoddy packaging. Ruined. Huge glued labels gunking the body of the pen that you would hold, making them completely unusable. Had to return. Praying they source again soon directly from Uniball.

    Previous Review when shipping normally:

    Terrific Uniball Micro Pens! LOVE ‘Em!
    I’ve been a long time fan of Uniball Micro pens. I love the flow of the ink and how it doesn’t make a massive mess.

    My personal preference is for the Micro over the Fine or Medium. Personal taste. All 3 are fine.

    I love ’em. Blue is my favorite, but it is fun to have some of the other colors around, at times, as well.

    Good price. They last (nearly) forever. The ink doesn’t coagulate or dry our prematurely. Lasts a super long time.

    Definitely recommend.

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  2. timps

    It is difficult to find all pink pens and they are smooth to write with. However they were quite expensive in themselves and then the postage was a real rip off as they arrived crushed and the box broken. Shame!!

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  3. Candice D

    I found one of these pens in my desk at work and loved how it wrote, so I ordered this set for at home. I was drawn to the idea of them being waterproof and fade-proof so I could use them in my bullet journal without fear of losing all my notes if my journal ended up getting wet.

    Unfortunately, I have had nothing but trouble with the pen skipping when I try to write. I’ve been using them for my accounting homework, and zeros are the worst offenders. I have to hold the pen at an angle slightly more than I usually do to get them to write properly. Not sure what has changed between the one I have at work and the set I bought here, but it definitely does not write as smoothly as I hoped.

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  4. Courtney

    I bought these and when using them to write cursive they worked well. Now using them to study for my exams, they are definitely not worth the money. Each and every single pen brand new out of the package doesn’t write and I continuously need to scribble on scrap paper to get them working again. DONT DO IT!! Not worth the money.

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  5. Evan M Hera

    I buy uniball pens for all my pens, I like the feel and comfort of there fine tip pens.
    However these are not the same as there normal fin tip pens.
    Wish I could return them but I opened the package
    Super disappointent 20 dollars down the drain

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  6. Babybluelv01

    I loved these pens when I was in high school, early 2000’s. However I do not remember these pens being difficult to write with. Half of my words don’t show up as I am writing. When I try to go over the worlds it looks like crap so I have to cross it out and start over again. I spend more time scribbling on scratch paper to try to get the pen to work then I do actually taking the notes for class. I got super frustrated last night thinking I was holding my pen wrong, too much at an angle. Nope my 13 yr old tried it and said not you mom this pen sucks. Definatly a waste of money if you need it for note taking in Nursing School.

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  7. Avelimar

    los compre por error porque pense que venian con colores surtidos (por la foto del producto) pero son todos negros, estaba indecisa entre estos y unos @Pilot, pero la verdad es que estos son muy buenos, escriben super bien, son comodos y los uso para el diario, son bastante guerreros no me quejo para nada de ellos.

    PD: despues compre los pilots y la punta se me hace muy delgada, de verdad que para lo que estaba buscando mejor son estos UNI.

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  8. Sam Meyer

    I am so disappointed in this pen. I was really excited to use this pen due to having a previous pen that was blue. I ordered these and the first order of pens didn’t write. It would stop 1/2 and I’d have to go back and scribble just to get ink out (all 4 were like that). I then requested a replacement/refund because they were useless. Now this new 4 pair lasted a day longer than the others but still is skipping ink when I write.

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  9. DrSushi

    I love these uni-ball vision pens—in pink only! This is probably my 3rd box of the pink only. My classroom is black, white & pink, so these coordinate! 🙂 If you’re a teacher and a pen connoisseur, these will definitely be a great addition to your “collection” (i.e. hoard lol). I’m a special ed teacher <3 & when I was in undergrad, one of my professors told us to never use red ink to grade or she was gonna come & tear up our teaching certificate! I've always used other colors because of that my entire career.

    I’m very picky about what pens I use; I think they meet a sensory need. I press hard when I write (I break mechanical pencil lead so fast I just can’t use them lol), and these aren’t negatively affected by that. I like a cap or some weight on the end. The line is fine point but still bold enough to see well. They don’t ever skip when writing (a major pet peeve of mine). They look fantastic when writing in a planner or calendar; they stand out without being obnoxious. These are a great color—they are not neon but a bright pinky pink (not rose, not fuchsia or magenta, not too red). Minimal smudging (usually my fault). Each pen lasts a long time. They are so good I will even pay full price ($20+) if I can’t wait for a sale…that’s saying something!! I got them for $14 on Amazon & I was pumped about that!!

    I docked one star BECAUSE OF DELIVERY from Amazon. They were packaged with other heavy items (ream of Astrobrights paper, etc.) and the box was crushed in the process. Because I stock up, I keep them in their boxes until I need them. Now my organization will be ugly because the box is crushed so badly (another major pet peeve).

    Long story short, you need these pens in your life!! Get. Them. Now. 🙂 Hope this was helpful!!

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  10. BH

    I used these pens for years in the early/mid 2000’s. I remember the ink flowing so smoothly and never leaking at the tip. I bought these pens for everyday note taking and have tried writing with them on multiple surfaces and they just don’t work. They stop up and don’t write halfway through a word or letter and its infuriating to have to scratch the pen on scrap paper for 2 minutes before it will work again. If its not stopping up then a glob of ink runs out onto my page. I’ve tried storing them in different ways and writing on different types of paper but it didn’t make a difference. I’m just going to throw them away. It makes me so angry having to stop every other word just to try to get my pen to work.

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  11. Preston Mitchell

    The quality of your handwriting is only as good as the quality of your pen. And most modern pens don’t perform well.

    The OLD-STYLE uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens in Fine Point write better than ALL other modern pens. They write smoothly and flow like a dream across the paper. The colored inks of the uni-Ball offer brilliant beautiful shades. The pens are long-lasting too. They don’t leak ink. There is nothing to dislike about these pens.

    If you try an old-style uniBall, you’ll never want to use another brand again. I have used them for nearly a decade, and they are getting a little hard to find … hence they are not economy-priced pens.

    MY VERDICT IS: I am buying more uniball pens today …. that’s why it occurred to me to write this review. 🙂

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  12. F.A.

    Picked these up for my dad as he really likes the uni-ball Vision! He has been using these pens, between blue and black ever since I can remember him writing. Basically since the early 2000’s this has been my dad’s choice of writing. He was running low on black ones and I could not find them at any stores and was happy to find them here at a competitive price!

    If you’ve used these (which I imagine if you came here, chances are you have) I can assure you that they are the genuine product (mine was sold and shipped by amazon) so I can safely recommend it if you are looking at the product!

    Hope you found this review helpful 🙂 Happy shopping!

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    uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count
    uni-ball Vision Rollerball Pens, Fine Point (0.7mm), Black, 4 Count
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