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CeraVe S A | for Face | 8 Ounce

CeraVe S A | for Face | 8 Ounce


(12 customer reviews)
Last updated on November 15, 2021 6:24 am Details
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  • [ CLEANSES AND SMOOTHES SKIN ] Removes dirt and oil while softening and smoothing skin
  • [ EXFOLIATES ] Salicylic acid, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide and antioxidant vitamin d to slough off dead skin cells while hydrating and cleansing
  • [ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Formulated with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6 II) that help restore and maintain its natural protective barrier
  • [ MICROBEAD FREE ] No harsh microbeads that can irritate skin and damage the environment
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), non drying, non irritating and fragrance free

Specification: CeraVe S A | for Face | 8 Ounce

Date First Available

October 14, 2021


Valeant Pharmaceuticals North America

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12 reviews for CeraVe S A | for Face | 8 Ounce

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  1. amiller

    This is my third bottle, and I will use this product forever! It contains 2% salicylic acid- which is what you’ll find in typical face washes designed for acne ; however, I find this to be MUCH gentler than most of those type of cleansers. Because salicylic acid is an oil-soluble beta-hydroxy acid (compared to glycolic or lactic) it is especially great for oiler skin types. I’m 49, and don’t have acne, but still have very oily skin, and this works beautifully as a non-irritating exfoliant. My skin is clearer, brighter, and younger looking after I added this to my skincare routine. If you have dryer skin, I would start off using twice a week (using a mild cleanser on other days) to prevent dryness. Also, you should avoid any other scrub type exfoliator while using this product to avoid irritation. You really will achieve renewed healthier skin with regular use of this product.

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  2. Lena

    As a cold, windy, dry winter sets in, I found that my skin was getting very dry and flaky, but that the peeling exfoliator I’d been using (which used cellulose — plant pulp) to scrub away dead skin was no longer working the way I wanted. I was getting small, uninflamed bumps in tricky areas of my skin and dryness everywhere else. I’d never tried a chemical exfoliant before but, after trying this out a couple of times, I was content to throw out the remainder of my physical exfoliant. It dissolves away the clinging dead skin without damaging the healthy skin. I find that, after using it, some parts of my face are slightly pink and irritated, but I use it only once or twice a week at night, put on a heavy moisturizer after use, and wake up with smooth skin and without dryness or irritation. 10/10, would absolutely recommend.

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  3. Yvonne morris

    My skin looks and feels great, I’m 56, the weather is hot and my skin felt dry, not any more, I use this all over, face to, three times a week and moisturise using the same brand afterwards and within days I could see a massive difference. I will keep using and I highly recommend

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  4. Pinky

    I loved this from the moment I opened it- no scent- a winner for me.
    I started to break out a few days later but continued to use it with the hope my skin will settle and get used to the cleanser. This didn’t happened. I went to YouTube and read comments from people but still gave this four weeks. I was so wrong , my skin broke out in huge cystic acne. This horrible damage will take me at least 6 months to get rid off. I read people saying this cleanser is actually a body wash, so I am using it as body wash.

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  5. Imaan G.

    I was always under the impression that to control oily skin, you would have to use a harsh cleanser to get rid of the excess sebum. It was after many trials and errors that I understood that an oily face is a face with a damaged skin barrier. CeraVe is formulated for rebuild such skin barriers so that your face (in the future) is neither oily or dry. Instead, it is self servicing and regulating. Warning- your skin must have be effective at skin renewal. If not, and your prone to scaly/dead skin built up/dull skin, then I recommend the use of a strong retinoid, I.e adapelene or tretinoin. Watch Dr Dray on YouTube for more information.

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  6. DreamOn

    I was turned onto this cleanser by Dr. Dray on YouTube. Along with using the CeraVe AM and PM moisturizer, I’ve been noticing that my skin is smoother. It’s pretty gentle on my skin even though there is salicylic acid in it. Great results so far.

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  7. Monica

    Item displayed ‘CeraVe Renewing SA Cleanser’. However, I received ‘CeraVe SA Lotion for Rough & Bumpy Skin’. I want refund for wrong item or send me the correct item please. Thank you

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  8. G. Pathak

    I’ve always been embarrassed of the texture of my legs and arms due to KP. Ive tired exfoliants, lactic acid based creams/lotions, and other natural remedies to get rid of these horrid bumps. The lactic acid based lotions worked but were sticky and smelt horrible I had to stop using them. I did some research and found CeraVe and it is a game
    Changer!! I paired the body wash with the body lotion and within two weeks of diligent use (body wash with exfoliating sponge 3x/week and lotion twice a day) I saw a SIGNIFICANT difference in my skin. My KP bumps are 90% gone just after 4 weeks (smoother skin, redness of the bumps is gone, and Now my hair is not getting trapped under my skin). I get my legs waxed and in the past the tech would tell me my skin was dry and holding on to my hair, stubborn in gown hairs… last time I went she was amazed by how smooth my skin was and my waxing service was less painful and I had better results.
    My skin has been more sensitive to the sun which happens with AhA but nothing sunscreen can’t address. Actually, now that I’m not embarrassed by my bumpy legs I’m wearing shorts and getting a nice tan which covers up the chicken skin scars and pigmentation. The body wash- lotion combo is a must if you have stubborn KP.
    (Also I used the wash and lotion on my face (once a week at night) and my skin is smoother)

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  9. Anton K.

    I used to buy exfoliants from Paula’s Choice. CeraVe is the best option in terms of quality and over all value. You basically need Salicilic acid, and I find face wash is the best way to apply it (it penetrates through wet skin and you wash it off in a minute or two). You get a lot of product for much lower price. I love CeraVe! I wish I discovered this brand earlier so I’d saved a lot of money.

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  10. CJ

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I have what I thought is sensitive skin, I break out with anything I use, which I read is actually normal, takes about a month to get used to anything. Face usually purges first, gets rid of everything bad and then it looks a bit better. Which happened here with me! But I have to give some credit to the ASNME vibrating heat/cold brush and I see a bigger difference in just one week. If you don’t have a vibrating face washer you need to look into this one! Even if you do have one, you can’t have to many lol I’ll add video above and the link here:


    (Heavy breathing in the video is not me! My toddler is playing with toys on the floor lol)

    Every month though I still get what I assume is hormonal acne, either week before or week after my period, usually cheek and chin, can’t do much about that besides go on BC or other meds/change diet, meh. Lol the brush seems to help a little though, I added a one week difference, should be the last picture with no writing, one week after using the brush. I wash every night, moisturize with Cerave lotion and try to stop myself from popping. I use about a pea in a half for my face and such, have maybe half a bottle left, been using for 7 months I’m pretty sure, since November. So 16$ isn’t that bad, I did buy on sale when they were sold out for 9$ so that helped my soap making decision but I would definitely pay fill price now. Oh almost forgot! Always have so much to say 😂 but I didn’t use this everyday at first, for the first month I used it every other day to get my face used to it. And not much of a scent, didn’t make my face tight. Highly recommend lotioning up good, I’ve read this can dry you up.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    It lasts FOREVER! My pimples and blackheads are at a MINIMUM. I haven’t seen any pimples on my face in weeks. It is unscented so its perfect for sensitive skin.

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  12. Francisca

    This is not a verified retailer of Cerave UK (confirmed by the merchant when I contacted them). Also, the product originally retails for+/- ELEVEN POUNDS! Don’t recommend this at all

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