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Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…

Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…


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  • FLATTENS ACNE FAST – Gently draws out pus and impurities straight from the source. Made with medical-grade, highly absorbent hydrocolloid. Non-drying and hypoallergenic.
  • INVISIBLE COVERAGE – Clear, matte finish and extra thin outer edge seamlessly blends in with all skin tones.
  • STAYS ON SKIN ALL DAY, NIGHT – Tapered edges keep patches adhered to skin, while effectively covering and calming blemishes.
  • PROTECTS SKIN AND REDUCES REDNESS – Provides a protective barrier against irritants and germs to speed up recovery process and prevent scarring.
  • COMES IN TWO SIZES – 96 Total; 48 (10mm) and 48 (12mm) per pouch.

Specification: Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…

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Product Dimensions

6.5 x 1.5 x 4.5 inches, 0.71 Ounces

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Photos: Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…

11 reviews for Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…

4.8 out of 5
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  1. H

    it’s cleverly cover my spot and almost invisble under make up. not like other brand I used before where it’s turns yellow when you put foundation on it. this acne patch are highly recommended. 5 star cause do what it’s say on description.

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  2. M Fo

    I’ve tried a BUNCH of different hydrocolloid bandage brands.
    these are super thin and they stick well. I can often get a whole 24 hours out of one patch even with face washing. They’re comfortable.
    they’re super thin and don’t absorb a ton if you have a lot of secretion. The outside surface of the patch is slightly shiny so it doesn’t blend as seamlessly with skin the way a more matted surface can.
    The cost is good- not the best value I’ve come across, but a decent one for the functionality. Not super noticeable (on a white face) in pictures, but definitely visible in person.
    Bottom line:
    I probably won’t buy these again because I had hoped they’d be suitable for wearing out of the house. I have a different Korean brand I prefer for staying home in that is thicker/more absorbent. At the end of the day the Clearisil brand patches are Still the best ones I’ve found for wearing out of the house & under makeup, plus great absorbency and wear time. The Clearisils are also still the most expensive per patch that I’ve tried too. :/
    I’m still going to keep looking for a brand that is more affordable and still looks good on my skin for daytime wear.

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  3. jmays2800

    I am a sufferer of terrible, hormonal cystic acne, and I am a pimple popper. I love these patches for several reasons: 1) they prevent me from touching the pimple further infecting the area around it, 2) I feel the pimple heals faster when covered with these (I have had several small pimples disappear overnight while large cystic acne healing within 4-5 days compared to several weeks!), 3) I wear them throughout the day in my corporate, business professional job since they are clear (if over a pimple and turns white, I change it), 4) they are inexpensive so I have them stashed EVERYWHERE and use them ALL THE TIME. I highly recommend them, and I will be a life long buyer of these!

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Because I have to wear a mask everyday for about 7 hours at work I started to have some nasty spots on my chin. Firstly I bought patches from other brand (‘Dots for Spots’) and I was completly dissapointed. I used all of them during one week because I was putting them overnight everynight and they did completly nothing. I gave another chance to patches but with THIS brand and I’m actually quite supprised beacuse they are actually working! Not to mention you recieve 2 sizes and a lot of them!

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  5. Sean M

    I have never had this happen in my life until recently, but there’s a spot on my chin where I’ve had recurring acne. I had heard about this product before and was so excited to try them. I was very skeptical, but after one try I LOVE these!! When I removed the patch from my problem area, I could see on the spot itself had something on it! The swelling had gone down significantly, and there was no longer a visible head on my zit. I was seriously shocked. This spot was still red, because it’s just been a severe spot for me lately, but honestly this was a huge improvement for me because I could easily conceal redness with makeup. And for after just one overnight use! I continued putting patches on it and the spot on my face is healed after just a couple days.

    These patches have worked wonderfully on my less severe zits as well. They’ve taken redness away and the zits just start to heal instead of needing to come to a head and be popped.

    Try these!! You won’t regret it!!

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  6. Kate

    I have tried a few different types of these pimple patches (including ones with better ratings and more expensive) and these have woked the best for me. It’s been a bit of trail and error and think they just suit my skin type the best.

    I have quite sensitive skin and I get hormonal spots and the cysty pimples that dont come to a head. These usually reduce the swelling or bring the spot to a head which is what im looking for. You can also see the gunk they draw out which is both gross and facinating. Personally, i use them overnight and not under makeup so I can’t comment on how visible they are in the day, but they seem quite subtle to me as they are matt and transparent so should suit most skin tones.

    I have also had sucess using them on ingrown hairs and healing piercings/piercing discharge. They stick really well, even under clothes and even through heat and activity. Which leads me to my fabourite discovery…

    They stop my plastic framed glasses from sliding down my nose when I exercise! Honestly, they’d be woth it just for that.

    A good multipupose product at a reasonable price. Try the smallest pack first though, to make sure they suit your needs.

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  7. Charlotte

    Been using these for a few weeks now and have noticed a HUGE difference in my acne. Instead of dealing with spots for ages and finding myself squeezing them which only leads to more problems rather than fixing them, I just pop one of these on and leave it over night and 9/10 the spot is gone in the morning.

    I found that bigger/more difficult spots do require using multiple patches to fully heal and draw out all the gunk, but the majority of blemishes I get have been solved with one patch. They’re super easy to use and I like how many you get and how there are 2 different sizes. I forget I’ve got them on, they’re that lightweight and cause no irritation.

    Will definitely buy again!

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  8. Ivadell

    This is the second brand I tried of these. I first bought the nexcare Brand on Amazon, but wanted to try these because of the number of reviews and avg rating.
    These arrived timely, true 2 day prime for 4 boxes.
    These are more clear and inconspicuous than the nexcare brand which are more toned.
    Every single patch applied today at 3:30 pm had drawn out something by 7:45 pm. The nexcare brand hardly got anything out with one exception where I had a pretty intense zit that I had put 2 patches on the second of the nexcare patch actually withdrew a lot. In contrast everyone of these corsx ones did in a short time on the first application.
    The nexcare I found was better at reducing the redness I experience with my breakouts though, which an look almost like scars on my super fair skin.
    I will be buying these frequently though because I think they could make a big difference in my mid life acne, and my sister had a sudden under the skin break out on the tip of her nose(most of not all my break outs are also [deep]under the skin) and she is using them also. More on that later.
    I recommend using these if you have similar or any break outs especially if time is of the essence, and if you are a picker they haven’t left my skin dry so it helps to reduce picking although the nexcare did a better job of this just not as good as eliminating the fluids. Try both for yourself! Also I have a latex allergy and haven’t noticed any issues with Thesen er but just got them today. Non with nexcare for sure.

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  9. Yoonjeong Park

    This is really fast bealing for my skin.

    This is really useful items for me.
    First, 24 count patch with 10mm and 12mm.

    Second, It Protects from germs and infections.
    When I had acne, I use this patch, So, It keeps my skin safe.

    Third, It keeps my skin hydrated to avoid scarring.
    And It Extraxts unlurities and pus. So, I did not have to do anything. So, I keep my skin.

    I love this one. I am afraid for acne no more!

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  10. Jenny K

    Description on box says it extracts impurities and pus, keeps skin hydrated to avoid scarring, protects from germs and infections. So you’re supposed to apply it to clean skin and remove it after 4-8 hours. There are two different sizes which I think is great. So I left mine on overnight. The pimple itself wasn’t huge but it was definitely noticeable last night before I applied the patch. I woke up this morning to a smooth area where I applied the patch so this definitely works. Also, the patch stays on throughout the night. I forgot that I applied moisturizer before I applied the patch and it didn’t fall off despite the fact I was probably rubbing against my pillow while sleeping. Also, the patch itself is clear and you can’t even see it while it’s applied so if you need it as an emergency solution, it would keep your secret and do its job at the same time. 🙂

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  11. lliissaa

    Wasn’t expecting too much but wow this product is amazing. I’ve had a big angry, crusty, horrible spot on my chin for a few days and it wasn’t going away no matter what I tried. I cleansed it then put a patch on for around 6 hours in the afternoon/evening. When I took the patch off, the spot was noticeably less red and inflamed. I cleansed again and moisturised before going to bed. When I woke in the morning, the spot was almost completely gone! I have recommended this product to anyone who will listen. A spot almost completely gone in around 12 hours! There’s 96 patches in the pack so should last a while.

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    Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…
    Rael Acne Pimple Healing Patch – Absorbing Cover, Invisible, Blemish Spot, Hydrocolloid, Skin Treatment, Facial Stickers, Two Sizes 10mm & 12mm (96…
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