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CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce

CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce


(12 customer reviews)
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  • [ OIL FREE NIGHT LOTION ] Use Cerave PM facial lotion as the last step in an evening skincare routine. If layering with an eye cream, moisturizer or facial serum, apply the Cerave night lotion after other product applications have been fully absorbed
  • [ OVERNIGHT MOISTURIZER ] Cerave’s PM face cream contains niacinamide to help calm the skin and uses MVE Technology to deliver hydration throughout the night. It also contains hyaluronic acid to help retain skin’s moisture
  • [ ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. All CeraVe products are formulated with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II) to help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier
  • [ DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED ] CeraVe Skincare is developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more
  • [ GENTLE ON SKIN ] Fragrance free, paraben-free, oil free, non-comedogenic, and allergy-tested

Specification: CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce

Date First Available

October 14, 2021


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12 reviews for CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce

3.8 out of 5
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  1. SS

    I’ve been using this for a month now and every time I try another moisturizer, my skin misses it. I started using this when my skin barrier was damaged and everything made my skin red/ itchy or felt a stinging/ burning sensation. I was skeptical if this would work coz this does have great reviews. However, there are people whose skin got irritated after using this. Plus in India, we pay 3 times more due to customs and import duty, etc. than the price in an American drugstore. I still risked it and ordered it on Amazon.in. On Amazon.com, it costs around $15 but here i.e., Amazon.in, we end up paying $30-$35. Wish there was a way to could get it here for a lower price coz I really love this moisturiser. It is so well-formulated and suits my skin wonderfully. I want to use it liberally but I’m worried I’ll run out and it may not be available easily. My skin barrier has healed thanks to the ceramides and the 4% niacinamide in it. This is absolute loooovvveee! Will I repurchase? I don’t know coz the price is too steep on Indian websites 🙁

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  2. CJ

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     I didn’t even know they had night and morning lotion, kind of disappointed in myself I didn’t look into them sooner lol The lotion made my acne dry up a bit, had little dry skin patches above existing acne, so I put on the normal Cerave lotion after I wash my face with the ASNME face brush, then I use the night lotion on top of that then use the ASNME brush cold option, sometimes the warm option to help my face suck up the lotion better but usually warm to wash, lotion up, give it a few mins, then cold to give myself a face massage, might start waiting half an hour before bed to put the night lotion on/cold massage, not sure yet, gotta experiment with it. It’s been about a week and I’m loving it though, clearest my face has been in a long time. I give credit to Cerave products and the ASNME face brush, I’ll add a link of the brush.


    And if you like my nails check out this link to a UV gel nail polish kit!


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  3. Berk

    Update 9/15/18: I’m very happy with the new formulation. No breakouts. Moist skin. A little goes a long way and lasts a long time. It took a while to get my courage up to try it on my oily forehead, but I’ve been doing so now for several months and it actually keeps my forehead less oily for much longer!

    Original review: Well, I tried this new formulation, Yes, the ingredients are the same although listed in a different order (I don’t think cosmetics have to list ingredients by weight the same way that food does, though, so I don’t know if this change is significant). The lotion seems more watery to me and I’m not sure if it’s quite as moisturizing. But I’m happy that it hasn’t made my skin break out so I’ll keep using it for the time being.

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  4. Amazon Customer

    Read a lot of good reviews about this product, so I decided to give it a try. I have a combination and sensitive skin that also have occasional acnes and redness. This stuff break me out in the first day of application. It gave me small bumps around my cheek.

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  5. AB

    Two stars only for the amazing ingredients but unfortunately for me this product created lots of closed comedones on my nose. I found that very surprising because this was a highly raved about product. Then I found on more intense browsing that few other people had the same complaints. For your reference, my skin type is dry to normal. I dare not use it on my face again as I don’t feel it’s worth the risk. Instead I now use it as a night treatment for my hands.

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  6. Island Marie

    I love a good face moisturizer and love trying different brands, but ALWAYS end up coming back to this product. This didn’t break me out, made me feel greasy and made my skin feel so smooth in the morning. I would recommend this brand, if you are looking for a moisturizer with a decent price. I own $150 moisturizer and this is hands down better than high priced brands.

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  7. incognito

    I almost never review products but this one was so bad that I feel like I need to warn others. I do not have sensitive skin, I’ve never had this issue before. This lotion made my skin so dry (after only 2-3 uses my skin has been peeling so badly), it had aggravated my acne, and worst of all, it made my eyelids and undereye area swell insanely badly. Moreover, I have tried other products from this brand because it is pretty popular and supposed to be great for dry skin. None of their products have worked for me and usually make my skin dryer, but this is the first time that I’ve had such a terrible reaction to one of their products.

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  8. Amazon Customer

    This broke me out so badly! Every morning I woke up with new whiteheads! How is this labeled “non pore clogging” when it obviously clogs pores to an extent where I started getting whiteheads? If you’re using this product and experiencing little whiteheads don’t ignore! It’s not your hormones! it’s this lotion!

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  9. Ruby

    After trying many brands of cleansers, moisturizers and other skin care products, I stopped putting nasty chemicals on my face and just stuck with a simple skincare routine of using CeraVe cleanser followed by this moisturizing lotion at nights. I settled on CeraVe because it was highly recommended in Reddit’s skincare community called r/skincareaddiction (ladies check it out if you haven’t). My face has never been clearer. I also use the lotion in the morning before applying my sunscreen. I have nothing bad to say about this product at all except Amazon sells it at a higher price than local retail stores.

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  10. Elle

    I am battling oily, acne prone skin and wrinkles. To combat both the acne and wrinkles, I use a retinoid product which has a tendency to dry my skin out if I get a bit overzealous applying it. This moisturizer has largely eliminated that issue. I love that it’s fragrance-free and it also has Niacinamide as its 4th ingredient! Niacinamide helps improve collagen production and skin elasticity and also fades hyper-pigmentation marks left by blemishes. I’m very pleased to have found a moisturizer that keeps my skin feeling so soft and supple and also provides a myriad of skin enhancing benefits! I highly recommend this to anyone really. Just give it a shot, I doubt you’ll regret it!

    NOTE: Unfortunately the Normal to Dry version of this lotion is not available in stores in Canada for some reason. I do not like the Normal to Oily variant, so I am forced to purchase this online. I really hope they introduce the normal to dry version to Canada sometime soon for convenience’s sake!

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  11. Elena

    Mi piel es grasa y sensible y esta crema ha sido la que más me ha gustado. Es ligera, se absorbe rápido, tiene niacinamida y ceramidas, excelentes ingredientes, es súper cómoda en la piel, no tiene fragancia, la amo. Le regalé una a mi mejor amigo, que es de piel seca, y también le encantó. Cuando la compré el precio estaba razonable (entre 400 y 500 pesos mexicanos), es una lástima que ahora lleve algún tiempo en un precio ridículamente alto (más de mil pesos mexicanos!). Seguiré esperando a que baje para encargarla de nuevo y mientras estoy usando otra marca :(.

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  12. Hendo

    Usually, with skin care products, you get what you pay for and having used products that cost around $100+ per oz. for the past few years, my standards are very high. Plus I’ve been having some bad luck with finding a cheap but adequate replacement moisturizer. As such I didn’t exactly have high hopes for something priced so cheap.
    Going by feel alone, this is an acceptable lightweight moisturizer. No, it’s not the lightest I’ve used but it absorbs well and keeps my skin hydrated throughout the day. With some self-proclaimed lightweight moisturizers you can get the feeling that something is on your skin even hours after application (especially when you tense your cheeks). With this, that sensation is minimal to nonexistent depending on how much I use. More important than that though is the hyaluronic acid. I’m not going to get into a long winded explanation about what it is and what it does, but VERY basically, think of it as a sponge that holds onto moisture. And NO, it is NOT the type of acid that will burn you. I see that in reviews and roll my eyes.

    I usually apply this over a serum twice per day, once in the morning and again at night before bed, each time after cleaning my face. As for the removal, it comes off quick and easy without your skin getting super slick the instant it gets wet. When using just micellar water and a cotton round to clean my face, only one side of the round is needed to remove it all.

    Oil free and fragrance free, you shouldn’t have to worry about clogged pores or skin irritation. I see that there are a few reviews claiming that it made people have a breakout which is possible as it is not hypoallergenic but I have not experienced anything like that.

    While I may continue to try others, this is a product that I would buy again.

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    CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce
    CeraVe P M | Night | Ultra-Lightweight, for Face | 3 Ounce
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